Carina GeoTH geothermal monitoring

Silixa announces the launch of Carina® GeoTH fiber optic sensing based geothermal reservoir monitoring solution enabling optimized and sustainable energy production

Silixa announces the launch of Carina GeoTH, the permanently installed integrated fibre optic sensing-based solution that offers reliable and cost-effective long-term geothermal reservoir monitoring.

Carina GeoTH maximizes operational efficiency and safety by providing an accurate insight into the reservoir.

The system integrates ultra HD acoustic, temperature, and strain data. The unparalleled high-spatial resolution measurements deliver detailed information on reservoir stimulation, reservoir temperature evolution and sustainability, reservoir deformation due to change in pressure and temperature, and fracture networks including flow distribution. Importantly, the system also provides real-time monitoring of induced or naturally occurring seismicity.

This verifies and assures safety of operations and supports communication with the stakeholders, helping the industry meet their legal, social, and environmental obligations.

This cutting-edge system can operate remotely and autonomously and is applicable to both shallow heat pump and direct use geothermal systems, and deep higher temperature enhanced geothermal fields.

As Carina GeoTH provides unequalled a reliable understanding of the thermal, mechanical, and hydraulic properties in a geothermal field, improving reservoirs efficiencies. It also paves the way to a broader and safe deployment of EGS, contributing to a low-carbon future.

Carina GeoTH is the cost-effective, reliable geothermal reservoir monitoring solution that enables safe, sustainable, and optimized energy production, and it does so with minimal environmental impact.