Silixa launches iDAS-MG™, a new generation of DAS with variable configuration options

Silixa, the global leading provider of fibre-optic distributed sensors and monitoring solutions, has launched iDAS-MG, the intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor which will enable optimized measurements in both short-and long-range applications

The sensor has variable gauge lengths that offers more configuration options, allowing operators to optimize distributed acoustic measurements to the desired spatial resolution, sensitivity and range without compromising the established stability and measurement repeatability of iDAS.

iDAS-MG offers a selection of gauge lengths to give the best performance over both short- and long-range applications. The unit offers fine measurement resolution that can be achieved with the balanced interferometric technique to the required dynamic range. Data acquisition parameters can be adjusted to record the required signal wavefield, minimizing subsequent processing and interpretation time.

Glynn Williams, Silixa’s CEO says: “Silixa’s distributed acoustic sensing technologies, iDAS™ and the Carina® Sensing System, have proven their excellent capabilities in numerous applications across several industries these past few years. Their industry leading performance and the accuracy of the measurements is acknowledged industry wide. This new generation of iDAS, the iDAS-MG, builds on existing offerings and takes the technology to the next level. It will offer the flexibility to achieve fine spatial resolution for short to moderate range applications while also enabling applications that require measurement ranges of many tens of kilometers, all the while maintaining low instrument noise to achieve optimal SNR. This flexibility will make iDAS-MG the single instrument of choice for lab measurements, reservoir monitoring, or large seismic arrays using existing fibre infrastructure.”

iDAS-MG comprises of several optical processors embedded in a single interrogator unit. Longer gauge lengths offer better signal to noise performance over large-scale deployments, while shorter gauge lengths offer more precise, small scale high-frequency measurements.

The same iDAS-MG interrogator can be deployed for sub-surface seismic imaging in oil and gas, carbon sequestration, geothermal and aquifer projects but also in near surface active and passive surveys in large infrastructure structures and existing telecom networks for urban planning.

iDAS-MG removes the ambiguity of complex signal processing, has on board data quality control and can be integrated with the Silixa edge processing platform for continuous monitoring applications.

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