Houston, TX, 23 August, 2021 - Silixa and NexTier are pleased to announce that its recently launched IntelliStim monitoring and diagnostics system has been awarded its first project for a major operator in the Mid-Continent region.

The proprietary IntelliStim system enables Silixa and NexTier customers to remotely monitor every aspect of the fracturing operation in real time, empowering decision makers – whether at the wellsite or remotely – with precise control to make on-the-fly adjustments to optimize completion performance. From prejob treatment design to offset well monitoring and stage-by-stage performance assessments, all surface and downhole activities will be accessible using a single, consolidated interface and easily accessible via the customer’s existing data portal.

“By combining AI-driven digital control, integrated completion services and real-time performance assessments in a single package, the IntelliStim system is a truly unique offering,” said Robert Drummond, President and Chief Executive Officer of NexTier. “It gives you an overall level of wellsite quality control and efficiency you’ve never been able to achieve until now. And when you compare the nominal investment of our IntelliStim enhancements against what you’d normally pay for these kinds of insights and potential gains in production, I’m certain that operators of all sizes will want to use it on every frac job.”

The IntelliStim system uses Silixa’s Carina® Sensing System, which incorporates a Constellation™ fiber-equipped sensing wireline cable to cost-effectively monitor fracture growth and cluster efficiency to assess frac-design performance in real time. With the ability to be repeatedly deployed in multiple offset wells and retrieved by a NexTier wireline truck, this proven Silixa intervention solution achieves the most accurate measurements and highest signal-to-noise ratio in the industry, which enables operators to identify events farther from the wellbore and deeper into the reservoir.

Pete Richter, Vice President, North America at Silixa, added, “Working shoulder to shoulder with NexTier gives us access to the largest dedicated wireline fleet in the US, which enables operators to deploy Silixa’s precise crosswell monitoring and microseismic surveys in more wells – and for a much lower cost than permanently installing fiber optics along the well casing. In addition, by integrating our fiber-acquired data into the NexHub Digital Center, operators gain an exponential increase in the value their data can provide.”

“Partnering with Silixa brings our leading completions expertise together with the global leader in fiber-optic sensing,” commented Otman Algadi, Director of Commercial Engineering at NexTier. “From a technological perspective, this gives operators access to the best possible array of surface equipment, downhole measurements, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive data collection. It’s the next step in our ultimate goal of deploying artificial intelligence across the wellsite, and we’re proud to join Silixa on behalf of a major Mid-Con operator to make it a reality.”

NexTier and Silixa have already completed their first project for a major operator in the Mid-Continent region.

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