Silixa Ltd will be presenting the results of several active distributed temperature sensing (Active-DTS) surveys at EGU 2017 in Vienna on 27 April, 2017.

Active-DTS is a technique that combines distributed temperature measurements with a heat pulse sent along the optical cable. Soil water content profiles can be extracted from temperatures trends during heating and/or cooling phases.

Results from both the active DTS survey and independent in-situ and laboratory measurements will be presented, including the observed relationship between thermal conductivity and moisture content at the study site and how it compares against theoretical curves used by the AHFO methods. The spatial variability of soil thermal conductivity and soil moisture content, as observed using the different methods, will be shown and an outlook will be provided of how the AHFO method can benefit soil sciences, ground source heat pump applications and groundwater recharge estimations.

Presentation Title: Using Actively Heated Fibre Optics (AHFO) to determine soil thermal conductivity and soil moisture content at high spatial and temporal resolutions
Presentation Type: Poster Session: HS2.3.1 — Innovative sensing techniques and data analysis approaches to increase hydrological process understanding
Session Date and Time: 27 Apr 2017, 08:00–19:30
Location: Hall A, board number A.116

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Image courtesy of: Böhringer Friedrich, Wikimedia Commons