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Silixa presenting on block caving monitoring at the CAVING 2022 conference in Adelaide, Australia

Caving 2022, the Fifth International Conference on Block and Sublevel Caving, hosted by the Australian Centre for Geomechanics, a not-for-profit mining research organization at The University of Western Australia, will be held on 30 August – 1 September 2022 in Adelaide, Australia.

Block caving is a large-scale mining method that allows for large volumes of rock to be safely and efficiently extracted. Yet, as mines proceed to greater depths, the safety and sustainability of a block cave mine relies on dependable monitoring techniques that can provide real-time or near real-time insight into the ongoing operations, minimizing risks.

Silixa is continuously innovating in the field of distributed sensing, and we are eager to share our knowledge and learnings with industry leaders.

Monitoring the rockmass response, the cave progress, and surface subsidence throughout the operation is one of the biggest challenges of block caving operations. Distributed Fiber Optics Sensing (DFOS) is an advanced technology, yet new to the mining sector, that enables a fully integrated, real-time and high-resolution platform to monitor microseismicity, cave back propagation, and tunnel/shaft health using distributed acoustic and strain sensing on a single run of fibre sensing cable.

Our presentation titled ‘Distributed acoustic sensing/distributed strain sensing technology and its applications for block cave progress monitoring, rock mass preconditioning, and imagining’ will be presented by Jon Furlong,  Silixa’s Mining Geophysicist.

If you are attending the conference, we look forward to meeting you there.

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