Silixa presenting at the Tailings and Mine Waste Conference in Denver, Colorado on 6–9 November 2022

Connect with us at the Tailings and Mine Waste Conference in Denver, Colorado on 6–9 November 2022, where Zara Anderson, Silixa’s Vice President Mining, will be presenting on DamPulse™, our tailings dam monitoring solution, and FiberWrap™, our DAS-based flow metering technology.

Seepage and internal erosion of tailings dam structures are key contributing factors that can lead to dam instability and potential dam failure. There are often early indications of seepage, deformation, or internal erosion that if detected early can be addressed to reduce the risk of structure collapse.

Our presentation, titled Seepage and Geotechnical Monitoring of Tailing dams using Integrated Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing Platforms, will reveal how Silixa’s fiber optic sensing-based real-time remote-access platform integrates the monitoring of seepage via DTS, deformation via DSS, and sub-surface seismic imaging of the dam structure via DAS in one modular system, providing a proactive geotechnical monitoring solution that can offer early warning of a potential dam failure.

Our second presentation, titled Optimization of minerals extraction process and water management across flotation circuit using DAS-based Flow Metering technology, will demonstrate through a recent case study how Silixa’s flow metering technology can improve operational efficiency and water management capabilities.

Our DAS-based Flow Metering solution was deployed at a large processing plant in Chile. Without interrupting the plant operation, fifty flow measurement points were installed at the bank of flotation circuits slurry, water, and tailings pipes. The system has been continuously measuring flow within fully or partially filled pipes ranging from a few inches to 50 inches in diameter.

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