Connect with us online at the 7th International Conference on Tailings Management on 1–3 September 2021, where Zara Anderson, Silixa’s VP Mining, will be presenting on Silixa’s distributed fiber optic sensing-based tailings dam integrity monitoring solution.

Optical fiber cables can be embedded in large structures in big monitoring volumes to continuously measure key parameters such as temperature, acoustic and strain data. This makes distributed sensing a particularly well-suited technology for monitoring tailings storage facilities, hydropower dams and levees.

Silixa’s tailings dam monitoring solution utilizes high-resolution DTS, DAS and DSS measurements, all obtained on the same fiber optic cable.

Acquiring high-resolution distributed temperature measurements, the system uses the natural seasonal temperature variations to calculate and deliver accurate information on seepage flow changes, which can indicate internal erosion.  The system processes the high-resolution temperature data in real-time, detecting even minimal temperature changes. In the case of a sudden temperature change an alarm can be sent to the operator, preventing potential tailings dam failures.

Silixa’s iDAS, intelligent distributed acoustic sensor, records the true acoustic signal along many kilometers of fibre cable within soil, rock mass and fluids.  Seismic velocity analysis through DAS can detect structural changes far away from the fiber cable within the dam interior. Carrying out Ambient Noise Interferometry (ANI) with iDAS, the recordings and processing of background noise can be used to create a sub-surface image that characterizes seismic velocity variations over time and space. These can also indicate changes in material properties inside the dam.

Zara’s presentation will also mention the latest component of the dam monitoring solution; the high-performance distributed strain sensor (DSS), which can provide a standard strain resolution of 10 με.

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