Silixa at SEG 2019

Silixa presenting at SEG 2019 in San Antonio, TX, USA on 15–20 September 2019

Connect with us at SEG 2019 in San Antonio, TX, USA on 15–19 September 2019 where we will be presenting on our market leading distributed acoustic sensing solutions and latest applications.

Mahmoud Farhadiroushan, Silixa’s Executive Director, will present on High-resolution Distributed Acoustic Sensor Using Engineered Fiber for Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring and Optimization in Unconventional Completions on Tuesday, 17 September at 10.00 am. (Session: SS 4 DAS Borehole and Microseismic Geophysics for Unconventionals, Location: 303B 5)

The presentation will reveal how Silixa’s Carina® XwellXpress™ monitoring solution can provide insight into reservoirs, enabling operators to improve stimulation and completion designs and deal with the growing concern of interwell communications.

Carina® Sensing System, the next generation of a DAS system utilizing the engineered fiber offers 100x improvement in sensitivity compared to standard fiber and provides unprecedented data quality both on permanent and wireline intervention cables. The intervention wireline cable can be economically deployed for crosswell strain identification on frac hits, microseismic monitoring and time-lapse VSP acquisition. The wireline data can be combined with the permanently installed fibers to provide a wide volume coverage for fracture monitoring and completion diagnostics.

Feeding in the combined near-real-time datasets into the completion workflow, a better understanding of the key operational decisions can be gained to optimize the completion process with a high level of confidence. These measurements lead to better frac design, sequencing decisions and better ultimate oil recovery from the reservoir.

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