Connect with us at the SPE Workshop on Fiber-Optic Sensing Applications for Well, Reservoir, and Asset Management on 9–10 August 2022 in San Antonio, USA.

The workshop will bring together lead technical experts to demonstrate the value and benefits of fiber-optic sensing used to optimize reservoir and field development and operations. Field case studies will highlight new or enhanced technical applications.

To this point, we will be sharing a step change in Distributed Acoustic Sensing performance, offering the finest spatial resolution, down to 25cm with standard fiber as well as the precision engineered fiber, and full acoustic bandwidth and low-frequency nano-strain sensitivity for instantaneous fracture and production monitoring.

Garth Naldrett, Silixa’s Chief Product Officer, will also be presenting on Fiber Optic Monitoring of Subsea Wells and Reservoirs.

In 2021, Silixa completed the installation and data acquisition of the world’s first subsea Distributed Acoustic Sensing System. Garth’s presentation will describe the development, implementation, deployment and subsequent data acquisition. He will also reveal the development approach, considering the main challenges, technical risk and readiness, describing the key enablers that allowed successful execution.

The system has now been installed in multiple subsea wells, on a combination of vertical and horizontal trees.

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SPE Workshop: Fiber-Optic Sensing Applications for Well, Reservoir, and Asset Management, 9–10 August 2022, San Antonio, USA