Silixa presenting at CIM CONNECT on 12–15 May 2024 in Vancouver, Canada

Join us at CIM CONNECT where the brightest minds in mining are meeting for three days of knowledge sharing and professional development on 12–15 May 2024 in Vancouver, Canada.

Zara Anderson, Silixa’s Vice President Mining, will be presenting on Advancing Mine Monitoring: The Role of Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing in Enhancing Geomechanical Monitoring and Decision-Making on 13 May 2024 at 11.00 am, in hall 207 and it will reveal how mining operations can substantially enhance their monitoring and decision-making processes by incorporating distributed fibre optic sensing into mine development. Distributed fibre optic sensing (DFOS) is a stringent departure from traditional monitoring as this technology is capable of detecting strain, acoustics, and temperature changes utilizing a single fibre optic cable as the sensing element. Data can be collected at adaptable intervals along the fiber, the collection points can be as close as a few centimeters apart, and data can be collected thousands of times per second when necessary.

Our second joint presentation by KGHM is titled Underground slope blast evaluation using Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) System: A case study, and will be presented on 13 May 2024 at 11.00 am, in hall 207. The presentation will provide an overview of a blast monitoring trial using DAS technology at KGHM’s McCreedy West mine in Sudbury, Ontario. Fiber optics cable was installed in two short boreholes underground and multiple development and production blasts were recorded using DAS. The objective was to evaluate the technology’s capability to recognize/assess blasting design parameters and blasting performance for both efficiency and safety.

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