Distributed acoustic sensing makes it possible to monitor the acoustic field along the entire length of a standard fiber optic cable, hence becoming a recognized solution for high accuracy in-well flow surveillance, including downhole multiphase flow measurements.

Garth Naldrett, Silixa’s Chief Product Officer, presented on Silixa’s latest developments in multiphase flow metering at the Multiphase Metering and Fibre Optics Monitoring – Recent Developments and Challenges SPE Workshop in Dubai, UAE on 22–23 March 2017.

His presentation, titled From Distributed Measurement to Multiphase Flow, discussed how distributed fibre optic measurements allow the physics to be constrained in space and time and how interpretation errors can be reduced by deriving additional information from DTS and DAS.

Examples of measurements that can be derived from DAS include the speed of sound, the use of Doppler Shift and the direct measurement of flow eddies, which allow better determination of flow rates and density.  Garth’s presentation also discussed the application of these derivatives, described the methods employed and provided case studies of downhole multiphase flow measurement.

Garth also presented on Industry Solutions for Distributed Sensing Big Data Management, providing an overview of the data types generated by a typical fibre optic monitoring system and offered  insight into the range of data rates and data volumes generated.

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Image courtesy of Imre Solt – Dubai Construction Update Part 10 Page 9 at Post 168., CC BY-SA 3.0